Tunes Cleaner

What is TunesCleaner?

TunesCleaner SceenshotWith TunesCleaner, you can:

TunesCleaner can not only help your to organize and remove the duplications in iTunes music library, but also download the lyrics and album artworks of selected songs easily.

If you are using iTunes or iPod, you will need TunesCleaner to perfect your music library.

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How does TunesCleaner work?

It is very easy to use. TunesCleaner can analysis the songs in the iTunes library, then download the song lyrics and album artworks automaitcally if they are recognizable. The only thing you need to do is selecting the song and click the "Auto Fix" button.

TunesCleaner can also compare the songs in the iTunes accrording to the title, artist and album, find the songs which are duplicated or can not be located by iTunes. Then, you can select and delete them easily.

With TunesCleaner, organize the iTunes library is so easy. Now, you can create the playlists according to the album or artist information of each songs automatically, you can also rename the nonstandard genres all togher in a batch mode.

Download it now to try out by yourself or Click here to read more.

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Download iTunes Artwork

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Release version: 1.4
File size: 2.37MB
Platform: Windows only
Requires: iTunes