Tunes Cleaner

Delete duplicated and unlocated songs

Please click the "Delete songs" button to open the delete wizard dialog box.

In the first page, you can choose which type of songs you want to find, so you can delete them later. If you choose to find the duplicated songs, you can input a prefer folder here, and how to compare the songs. Please note, you can always select which song you want to delete manually in the next page.

Click the Next button to go to the next page. Depends on the settings you choosed in the first page, songs that can be deleted will be listed here. check the songs you want to delete, click the "Delete checked songs" button to start.

Notice: if you are using removable hard disk to save your music files, please connect them to the computer before running this program. Otherwise, the songs that saved in the removable disk may be recognized as file couldn't be found.

Notice: all the duplicated songs will be listed if you choose to find them in the first page. So, you can decide which songs you want to delete later, however, you should be careful when checking the checkboxes of songs, remember to leave at least one copy of duplicated songs (the copy you want to keep) unchecked before deleting them.

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