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About Tunes Cleaner

TunesCleaner, also known as iTunes Cleaner will help you to clean up your iTunes library easily. It can delete the duplicated songs, and the songs which cannot be located in your iTunes library in the batch mode. And create the playlists based on the Artists or Album automatically. With this tool, you can also rename the incorrect the Genres of songs to the standard format easily.

Best of all, TunesCleaner has ability to search the artworks and lyrics for your iTunes library. It can correct the metadata (such as song title, artist and album etc.) of selected songs magically.

No matter you downloaded the songs from Internet or ripped from your CDs, with this must have tool, your iTunes library will be totally different, just as it's name, all the "mess" will be cleanned up easily and automatically.

TunesCleaner supports iTunes 8 and 9 in Windows platform currently.

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