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View and Download artworks and lyrics

Select a song from TunesCleaner, then, click the "View and Fix" button to open the Fix dialog box.

You can edit the information manually or click "Auto fix" button to fix it automatically (require online) in this dialog box.

Before you click the "Auto fix" button, you can choose which parts need to be fixed this time by checking each checkboxes. The metadata refer to name, artist, album, genre, release year and track number of the song. If the song already has metadata, program will assume they are correct, and let the checkbox in uncheck state. Please note, the lyrics and artworks very depend on the song name, artist and album information, if they are not correct, you may not be able to find the right lyrics or artworks.

Although the program is very intelligent, we can not guarantee that every songs can be identified correctly due to the huge number of songs avaliable in the world. In that situation, you can input the metadata manually if possible, then, use the auto-fix function to search the lyrics or artworks.

The program can provide you maximum 3 artworks for one song, you can swap them by clicking the narrow button below. And when you move the mouse pointer over the artwork, the popup hint will show you the original size of current selected artwork.

If you are satisfied with the result, you can click the "Save to iTunes" button to save them to the iTunes library. You can also compare the fix result with the original information by clicking the "Original" tab at the top of this dialog box (the Original tab is only avaliable after you clicked the "Auto fix" button).

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