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Notice: iTunes will be started by this program during scanning, please do NOT close the iTunes or modify songs in the iTunes directly when using this program. Which means, just leave iTunes in the background until you close this program. Otherwise, it may lose the synchronization with iTunes library.

Please also refer to the help manual installed with the program for more information on how to use TunesCleaner.

Online quick start guide:

View or download artwork and lyrics of selected song

Delete the duplication or unlocated songs

Create the album or artist playlists automatically

Rename the Genres in batch mode



Q: How to set the proxy server?

A: You can set the proxy server easily by clicking the "Menu" -> "Proxy settings".

Q: Why does it report the metadata (lyrics or artworks) not found, or songs cannot be fixed?

A: First, please check if you have valid Internet connection avaliable. To fix the songs automatically, program needs to connect to the websites to retrive the required information. However, you can still edit the song information manually when offline.
Please note, the lyrics and artworks depend on the correct name, artist and album tags (metadata), you may need to manually edit them if they cannot be fixed autoamtically, then try to find the lyrics or artworks again.
Please note, although we are using a huge music database in the backend, we cannot guarantee that all the songs in your iTunes library can be fixed correctly.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any trouble during using our product. All the emails will be answered with one business day.

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